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Upper Bighouse is a hamlet in Strath Halladale in Sutherland, in the Highland council area of Scotland. Upper Bighouse is situated on the west bank of the Halladale River in the county of Sutherland. The village and Railway station is 15 km to the south, and Melvich, on the north coast, is roughly 4.5 miles (7 km) to the north. Upper Bighouse is located 4 miles south of Melvich.

GMG Energy Ltd is part of a farming business at Upper Bighouse which was predominately Beef , sheep and Christmas trees. The business has developed with the Establishment of 6MW of Biomass Boilers to dry wood so that it can be processed and sold as firewood logs. This has developed and is supplying in the local area of Sutherland, Caithness and Orkney.

With the increased demand also we are supplying bark for Garden centres and Sawdust for horses and livestock and also dried chip for supply to local businesses and local councils.

The business has been able to establish itself with committed local labour who have been instrumental in growing the business and also establishing a Sawmill as an addition and an expansion opportunity for the area.

The LT70 Wood Mizer band saw will allow added value products to be created from local timber that will not have too be hauled 200 miles away to be processed.

We will be producing Fence posts, Gate rails, purlins , cladding and stakes for the forestry industry.

All wood will be treated at our treatment plant and further processed if required.

GMG Energy LTD has a sister company called GMG Biofuels which owns large areas of Mature Forestry which secures timber for the future. It also has a programme of replanting 10000 trees annually to assure a sustainable future.

GMG Biofuels LTD is situated in NE Lincolnshire in the town of Boston……………..

Boston - Lincolnshire

Boston, town has served as a small port and market town since the 13th century, when, as a member of the Hanseatic League, it traded in wool, wine, leather, tin, lead, and other commodities. With the progressive silting of the river and changing patterns of trade, the town’s prosperity declined. It was from Boston that many of the Puritans set forth for the New World. Boston’s church is a landmark for the surrounding extensive area of flat reclaimed peat and silt marshland constituting the Fens. 

The tower, known as Boston Stump, is 272.5 feet (83 metres) high. It is the tallest parish church tower (exclusive of spire) in England. The church itself is a Decorated-style building extensively restored since 1931. William Bradford, William Brewster, and other Pilgrims were imprisoned in 1607 in the Guildhall building, which is now a museum. The contemporary importance of the town of Boston derives from its continued modest function as a port and from the presence of agricultural and cattle markets. Industries are based largely on agricultural processing.  

Lincolnshire produces over 25% of the United Kingdom’s Grown vegetables. Based in Boston and within the Greenyard Frozen Food  Processing factory, we operate our Biomass wood processing, drying and pelletizing operation.

Our manufacturing process involves drying soft and hard wood, chipping soft wood down to a G10 size and the pelletizing this into wood pellets for the Biomass, Horse bedding and other animal bedding

We sell hard and soft kiln dried logs locally and nationally as well as manufacturing BSL approved wood pellets for the Biomass and Horse bedding markets in the UK.

With the ability to run 24/7 our wood pellet operation can produce over 250 tonnes of high quality wood pellets per week.